Deployed at over 80 Operators. Detect, Identify, Provision and Block devices and SIMs - all in realtime. Use device demographics to direct network investment or targeted marketing campaigns. Track Smart Device & IoT Trends.

Marine Fleet Management Software designed to improve overall operational efficiencies and optimise fleet running costs. MXSuite offers a single pane of glass solution for management of maintenance ops, certificates, crewing and vessel-related procurement.

Solution Services

Since 2004, we have built a solid track record of solution delivery and service management in the Telco, Banking and Marine sectors across SE Asia. As a solution partner we have successfully managed and deployed Solutions and PoCs for companies such as Asavie, Actix, ActiveSky, Synapse, Cellmax, FiServ and now Mastex.

Enterprise Consultancy

We offer the services of our own consultants and engineers or where necessary partners with deep knowledge of the Telecommunications, Banking and Marine sectors. Whilst evolving our services to address the typical IOT and UEM challenges facing our Customers, we've also prepared for the emerging industrial age by building our in-house capacity in AI & Deep Learning .

AI & Deep Learning

We can help you apply to your business